Enabling Intelligent Identity, Transaction and Document Management

Ahrvo Comply is an artificial intelligence powered compliance system that streamlines and automates customer and business onboarding, and client lifecycle management, for financial institutions of varying sizes and complexities.

Compliance and Business Solutions

Ahrvo Comply is a cloud-based solution that empowers financial organizations of varying sizes and complexities to streamline customer and business onboarding and life-cycle management through user-friendly compliance and business solutions that are powered by facial biometrics, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology. Ahrvo Comply has four main pillars – Identity Management (Know Your Customer, Know Your Business, Anti-Money Laundering), Document Management (Document OCR, File Sharing, E-Signature, PDF Editor), Transaction Management (Transaction Monitoring/Screening, Suspicious Activity Reporting, Anomaly Detection), Data Management (WORM Storage – Smart Contracts, Blockchain). Ahrvo Comply’s extensive geospatial/location and AML databases are overlaid with deep learning algorithms to detect and thwart nefarious actors and transactions before they become a threat.

Built for your compliance team.

Suspicious Activity Reporting

Auto-populate SARs forms and streamline your FinCEN reporting

Compliance-as-a Service

Enabling centralized and decentralized entities to outsource compliance

Business Onboarding

Balance user experience and strong identity verification

OCR Data Extraction

Auto-extract information and eliminate manual data entry error

Passwordless Authentication

Mitigate the risk of fraud and breach-related activity

Secure Document Transfer & E-Signatures

Accelerate account openings and business transactions

Secure File Sharing

Ahrvo Comply enables your compliance team to share your files in a secure manner. Files you upload files can be assigned to clients (client groups) that you create. Your clients can also upload files for your compliance team to review.

Secured Uploads and File Sharing

Share Files With Internal and External Users

Your Clients Can Share Files Too

Real-Time Activity Logs

Anti-Money Laundering

Proactively identify risks before they become threats. Screen against a robust global database of Sanctions, Watchlists, PEPs, UBOs, etc. in consolidated, structured profiles.

240 + Country and Territory FATF Driven Risk Score

1000 + Sanction List, Watchlist List, and Black List

Global identification coverage supporting 5,000+ government IDs

Global Politically Exposed Person Coverage

Know Your Transaction

Ahrvo Comply’s Know Your Transaction (KYT) solution provides cryptocurrency businesses a comprehensive solution that supports Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs) such as exchanges, payment processors, and custodians to meet Financial Action Task Force (FATF)’s Recommendation 16, ‘Travel Rule’.

Real-time Transaction Monitoring

90% of Crypto Market Cap Covered

Blocks, Transactions, Wallets, and Embedded Text

Fully-Integrated with Ahrvo Comply

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