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Facial Biometrics

Automate Your Onboarding

Ahrvo Comply’s facial recognition technology mitigates the risk of identity fraud, and the use of misplaced and stolen identities by criminals and fraudsters. Our computer vision-powered solution takes a video recording of the user’s face and compares it to the image extracted from a government identification card, taking into account factors like gender and age. Ahrvo Comply applies liveness and anti-spoofing techniques to ensure that each user is an actual person and not an image or a recording of a person – the most common methods of deceiving facial recognition technology.  

Ahrvo Comply is Simple to Use

Our facial recognition system uses multiple liveness tests to determine the facial authenticity of users being onboarded. Ahrvo Comply may a user being onboarded to frown, smile, blink, turn their head to the right or left, among other things. Ahrvo’s facial recognition technology breakdown frames of a user’s facial biometric recording to compare against images extracted from government and other form IDs with over 99% accuracy.

Facial recording of user

To compare a user’s face to the government ID, we initially take a video recording of the user’s face and break that image down into frames. During this recording, we are also testing for liveness and spoofing techniques used by criminals and fraudsters.

Upload of ID Type

The user takes a photo of their document. Once uploaded, our algorithms determine if the document is authentic. Information from the ID will also be utilized for other regulatory and compliance requirements such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO)

Facial Match Score

Once our convolutional neural networks do the heavy lifting, Ahrvo Comply will produce a simple score between 1 and 10 that is associated with a user and is a reflection of the probability of a user’s face matching the government ID they uploaded to the system. Ahrvo Comply’s facial match score is one of the variables that go into a user’s risk score. We also look at whether age and gender predict by our machine algorithms are aligned with what is displayed on the identification card. .

Ahrvo Comply is The Most Robust KYC Solution On The Market

Onboard your clients in under 60 seconds while remaining regulatory compliant

Increase Conversion Rates

Streamline customer adoption, while ensuring your users are who they claim to be. Automated verification processes reduce manually induced bottlenecks in the onboarding process. Cut your onboarding time down by 60%-70%.

Make a Good First Impression

Competition is high and users expect companies to onboard them in the least amount of steps and as quickly as possible. Enhance your onboarding user experience with little effort. Let Ahrvo Comply do the heavy lifting

Reduce costs and maximize your Compliance Team resources

Ahrvo Comply can significantly reduce the cost of KYC and other Compliance tasks by deploying a suite of automated and easily integrated Compliance solutions.


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