Anti-Money Laundering Search Engine

Our robust and comprehensive database streamlines your AML screening and monitoring requirements.

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Automate your AML, KYB, and PEP Checks

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Quantify Your User, Country, and Transaction Risk

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Comply With Financial Action Task Force – (FATF) Guidelines

Exhaustive AML Screening and Monitoring

Ahrvo Comply’s AML database is updated immediately upon global Sanction, Watchlists, and Political Exposed Person information being changed. By consolidating over 100+ data sets in one dynamic database, our AML search engine enables you to conduct manual searches. By combining our KYC, KYB, and AML solutions, you can seamlessly automate your onboarding process and manage prospective and current client risk in our user-friendly admin panel. Empower your compliance staff to identify risks before they negatively impact your business.

Country and User Risk Scores

Monitoring your AML risk goes beyond our AML search engine. A large determinant of whether you can do business with someone is based on what country they are located in. Ahrvo Comply’s country risk scores take into account over two dozen country-level risk metrics like FATF compliance, US Dept Money Laundering Assessment, country corruption, and governance risk. User risk scores are determined based on information extracted during the onboarding process; including, but not limited to, IP location, VPN Detection, MFA, and Face Match.

Follow the Money

Not only does our AML search consist of traditional information Sanction, Watchlist and Blacklist, but we also take into account data sets related to offshore media (Panama, Bahamas), adverse media, leaks, court archives, regulatory filings, and procurement. In total, we cover over 100+ additional alternative data sets. This enables compliance departments utilizing our AML search engine to have the confidence they have completed a comprehensive risk assessment.

Ahrvo Comply Enables You To Seamlessly Consolidate Your Compliance Solutions

Know Your Business

Balance user experience and strong identity verification. Ahrvo KYB cover 250 million + companies across 195+ countries and territories.

Know Your Customer

Leverage our patented facial biometric solutions to quickly authenticate customers from their passports, driver’s license or National ID.

Secure E-Signatures

Accelerate account openings and business transactions by removing paper from the compliance workflow and replacing it with e-signatures, file sharing and easy to use portals.

Ahrvo Comply

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Transaction Monitoring

Configurable rules engine with clear risk insights across all parties in a transaction.

Transaction Screening

Screen senders & beneficiaries against the world’s only real-time database of sanctions risk.

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