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Ahrvo Managed Compliance Services

Ahrvo Comply enables organizations of varying sizes and complexities to outsource the management of client onboarding via full-time or part-time compliance staff. Ahrvo Comply’s compliance staff are fully trained and compliant in ISO 27001, GDPR, and CCPA. Ahrvo's compliance-as-a- service empowers centralized institutions and decentralized networks to outsource compliance overhead to Ahrvo Comply’s flexible team of highly skilled compliance professionals.

Managed FAFT Compliant Onboarding and Lifecycle Management

Outsource Your Risk

Ahrvo Compliance-as-a-Service helps any centralized institutions and decentralized networks streamline the implementation set standards and processes to support regulatory needs. Ahrvo Comply compliance staff are available on a half-time and full-time basis depending on your company needs. Proper documentation and reporting ensure continuous compliance with FATF guidelines and keep your management up to date. Audit trails are created after every identity, document, and transaction related activity, providing insight for your review. Suspicious Activity Reporting can be outsourced to streamline reporting the FinCEN. Systems monitoring, alerts, and access control. Real-time systems management  according to ISO 27001, GDPR, CCPA.

Highly Skilled Compliance Staff

Ahrvo Comply’s leadership team works from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, enabling them to service clients in the USA, UK, Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions. Ahrvo Comply works with companies and networks of various sizes, across a variety of industries. Our team brings more than 100 years of compliance, fraud, and money-laundering prevention experience. Ahrvo Comply empowers companies through our robust compliance solutions and expert consulting services. Leading to improved operating efficiency across previously cumbersome business processes, while helping your company’s compliance department remain and maintain regulatory compliance.

Fully Integrated Compliance Solution

Ahrvo Comply breaks down the onboarding and lifecycle management process into three components – Identity (IMS), Document (DMS), and Transaction (TMS) Management. Ahrvo Comply is the only compliance solution offering all three components in an integrated solution. Removing the need to use multiple vendors, and eliminating the need for manual data reconciliation. Document Management: eSign, File Sharing, PDF Editor, Document OCR. Real-time transaction monitoring for traditional and crypto assets. Anomaly detection and Automated Suspicious Activity Reporting (SARs). Automatic data reconciliation for Identity, Document, and Transaction systems. In addition to consistent updates and 24/7 expert-level customer support.


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