Ahrvo Comply stores a hash of the information tied to KYC and KYT interactions on the Ahrvo Network - a consortium blockchain built for regulated financial institutions. All sensitive data is stored off of the blockchain in a distributed database.

KYC Smart Contracts

Ahrvo’s KYC smart contract enables financial institutions to create an immutable audit trail of every client and business added to Ahrvo’s highly robust blockchain. Metadata tied to the transaction is saved on-chain, with sensitive data tied to the user being stored off-chain to comply with privacy requirements. This layer of data storage and integrity runs parallel to your existing solution or can serve as a replacement.

KYT Smart Contracts

Ahrvo’s KYT smart contract creates an additional layer of surveillance and security for regulated institutions that are required to monitor, report, and track transaction activity. Cost efficient Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) formats are provided by storing regulatory required data on the Ahrvo Network. The Network’s blockchain serves as a persistent information storage layer that is securely accessed via the user admin panel.

Sharing Intel

Ahrvo Comply enables VASPs to share information with other VASPs in accordance with FinCEN’s Section 314(b) in order to comply with rules like FAFT Recommendation 16 “Travel Rule”. Members of the network can request information related to customers or transactions potentially associated with money laundering or terrorist financing, including previously unknown accounts, activities, and/or associated entities or individuals

Scalable Blockchain Architecture

Ahrvo Network is among the most robust, eco-friendly, and low cost blockchains. The Network has extremely highly throughput – validating transactions in 50 m/s (Bitcoin = 10 minutes and Ethereum = 7 minutes); and can handle ~ 10,000 transactions per second (Bitcoin = 5 tx/s, Ethereum = 30 tx/s). Fees off the Ahrvo Network are negligible (cents per transaction), enabling you to scale usage at a fixed and predictable cost.

While Bitcoin and Ethereum are public networks (more decentralized), they cannot meet the high transaction (KYC/KYT) volume needs of enterprises without congestion and exorbitant fees. More importantly, public network’s pose regulatory and privacy issues for financial institutions. The Ahrvo Network is a consortium blockchain integrated with products and solutions built for financial institutions, globally.


Trained with millions of transactions from every industry and world region, our AI Engine adapts independently to new fraud patterns, ensuring highly accurate decisions.


Our AI Engine is a white box. We share concise and intuitive explanations, both in text and visuals, to make our AI’s logic accessible to you.


Our AI Engine needs less than 15 milliseconds to decide whether a transaction is fraudulent or not.


Our technology is built to scale horizontally: it grows infinitely without compromising real-time processing.

  • Purchase

    A customer makes a purchase on an e-commerce website.

  • Data Collection

    Transaction data points are sent to the Fraugster AI Engine via our REST API.

  • Data Enrichment

    We enrich every transaction’s raw data points using our proprietary algorithms and external data sources.

  • Fraugster AI Engine

    The AI Engine translates the enriched data into clear behavioral patterns.

  • Decision

    The AI Engine provides an accurate and transparent decision in real time, explained in clear text and visuals.


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