Compliance Solutions For Digital and Traditional

Banks Were Fined more than $36 billion globally for AML, KYC and non-compliance sanctions in 2020.

A Comprehensive Solution Doesn’t Mean Complex Solution

Monitor Risk and Maintain Regulatory Compliance Throughout Your Client Lifecycle.

Reduce Friction, Accelerate Compliance

Lack of automated facial recognition and AI based identification verification can lead to prolonged approvals and unnecessary calls with customer support staff. The rise of digital banks is forcing traditional banks to improve their offerings. Ahrvo Comply’s comprehensive suite of both Compliance and Business solutions monitor, report, and help mitigate money laundering, terrorist financing attempts, and other non-compliant transaction activity in your organization. Ahrvo’s AI and automated processes are valuable additions to your Compliance capabilities.

Optimise document management

Minimize manual intervention by automating the extraction and completion of user information into banking, tax and other financial documents being sent for signature.Firms can reduce onboarding time by 50%-70% by eliminating pen and paper and other cumbersome manual data transfer processes. In addition, human-related errors are eliminated as information can be extracted from the digital agreement and stored securely using our artificial intelligence powered OCR technology.

Account  Takeover Defense

Financial institutions are under constant attack by malicious actors seeking access to their clients personal account information. Ahrvo Comply actively monitors the location, device, login pattern, and other information to determine if authentication attempts are genuine or breach-related activity. Get real-time alerts and Multi Factor Authentication services via SMS and SMTP. When you consider 80% of password breaches are a result of a compromised account password. it makes sense to become more secure via Ahrvo’s passwordless authentication technology.

Passwordless Authentication

You can significantly reduce the number of clients calling into Customer Service to process large transactions, reset passwords, access restricted functions, and other sensitive tasks that require authenticating a user’s identity before proceeding. Ahrvo Comply enables you to continue utilizing the approved facial biometrics of users taken at onboarding and periodically updated, for any sensitive authentication purposes. Combining Ahrvo’s multi-factor authentication to ensure the users are who they claim to be guarantees improved morale by reducing unnecessary outreach.


Ahrvo’s comprehensive KYC/KYB/AML solution has access to passports, driver’s licenses, and national IDs from over 200+ countries and territories; company ownership and director information for over 250 million companies; 100+ Sanction, Blacklist, PEP databases and 240+ FAFT powered country risk scores. In addition, Ahrvo Comply KYT monitors transactions in real-time and detects anomalies in transaction patterns. This helping to preemptively mitigates fraudulent and risky transactions activity; while simultaneously limiting false positives.


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    We can’t wait to hear from you. Our team is on standby ready to deliver
    on your compliance needs.

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