Know Your Transaction

Ahrvo Comply’s Know Your Transaction (KYT) Solution Provides Cryptocurrency Businesses With A Real-Time Solution That Enables Them To Monitor Wallet Activity And Helps Mitigate Suspicious Transactions Activity Before It Occurs.


Ahrvo KYT learns from the transaction patterns of users’ wallets and is able to detect high-risk crypto transactions using artificial intelligence and proprietary data mining techniques. Ahrvo’s KYT solution has been designed to scale for millions of users. By combining transaction data with the other data points aggregated during the onboarding process and throughout the client’s lifecycle, our deep learning algorithms become more predictive – reducing false positives.


Ahrvo’s KYC and KYB solutions enable firms to link an identity to crypto wallet transactions. This enables your Compliance team to accelerate checks and reduce costs associated with transaction monitoring and reporting. More importantly, Ahrvo Comply enables firms to e-File directly within FinCEN to streamline their Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR). The SAR module is one of the unique features provided on Comply’s Transaction Monitoring Dashboard.


Ahrvo Comply provides cryptocurrency businesses with a real-time solution that analyzes blockchain data to determine the source of funds and where they are being sent; and also tracks in real-time known malicious wallet addresses. This continuous monitoring of customer activity and the activity of those they transact with provides your compliance team a deeper understanding of your organization’s risk exposure.

Scalable Transaction Monitoring

Ahrvo’s KYT solution monitors more than 90% of the cryptocurrency’s asset classes’ market capitalization 24/7. Ahrvo provides real-time insight into blocks, transactions, wallet addresses, and much more. By combining these insights with Ahrvo’s KYC/KYB/AML outputs and comprehensive database of blacklisted and nefarious wallet addresses, Compliance teams can be confident their organisation is building business relationships with the right people.

Ahrvo’s real-time KYT monitoring and anomaly detection helps streamline Suspicious Activity Reporting (SARs) by providing a comprehensive audit trail of user activity since onboarding. This reporting capability is especially important during any planned or unforeseen audit process. In addition, the platform auto-populates portions of the form to streamline filing.

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Ahrvo Comply’s Compliance and Business solution portfolio has been designed to empower cryptocurrency businesses to meet the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)’s Recommendation 16, ‘Travel Rule’ by automating processes and creating robust audit trails.

Mitigate Risk

Recommendation 16, Travel Rule brings VASPs into line with other financial institutions. This means VASPs are legally obliged to share the identity and credentials with Regulatory Authorities for all users involved in asset transfers in excess of $3,000 value. Ahrvo’s KYT enables firms to set their own risk tolerance levels to prevent breaching both regulatory rules and/or the company’s own risk parameters.

All Your Compliance Needs Covered

Ahrvo Comply uses artificial intelligence and advanced biometrics to automate onboarding, compliance workflows, and client life-cycle management. We also provide file sharing, e-signature, document OCRs, and much more.

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