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OCR Data Extraction

Extract data from bank statements, utility bills, tax returns, and other documents with our advanced document OCR technology. Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is compatible with over 125 different languages.

Let Your Staff Focus on Core Compliance Tasks

Our OCR technology enables you to extract information from a variety of documents uploaded by users and automate previously manual data entry tasks.

An easy way of validating documents

The best document validation solution on the market.

Planned and created for Brazilian documentation, our document validation solution has the best data extraction score (OCR – Optical Character Recognition)

Using OCR technology, we extract all data from the driver’s license (CNH) or identity document (RG) in an automated way, such as:

A Robust and Easy Way To Extract Data From Documents

Your Compliance teams days of manually entering customer onboarding data are done.

Artificial Intelligence

Ahrvo Comply uses machine vision technology to scan thousands of different document types across more than 100 languages. Our OCR engine is focused on line recognition and also recognizes character patterns.

Thousands of Document Types

Our OCR solution supports various output formats: plain text, hOCR (HTML), PDF, invisible-text-only PDF, TSV, and ALTO (XML) output. Extract only the important data fields and store the extracted values in a structured database.
OCR for Government IDs

Ahrvo Comply also uses OCRs to extract information from government IDs that are uploaded during the onboarding (KYC and KYB) process. The information that is extracted is run against our AML databases before users are given a risk score.


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