Self-hosted File Sharing

Ahrvo Comply’s on-premise file sharing solution enables real-time collaboration without compliance and security risks.

Secure, Compliant and Automated File Sharing

The key to regulatory compliance is to remove manual processes and tracking from your compliance workflow. Ahrvo’s file sharing solution enables you to share documents with internal and external users in a secure manner with the minimum of manual intervention. This removes an unnecessary barrier to a user-friendly and compliant onboarding process.

Data Integrity

Data integrity is the key to robust compliance procedures. Ahrvo ensures every file uploaded and shared is tracked in real-time and that all document activity is logged, audited, and time-stamped. Your Compliance team can manage documents simply but also securely from their own admin panel.


  • Share and transfer large document files easily and efficiently between co-workers, clients, and external users. Manage your users’ documents directly within your admin panel. Track every action taken and every document shared by internal and external users. The key to remaining compliant is an audit trail.


  • Our file-sharing system comes fully integrated with the rest of our KYC/AML solution. By tracking documents, shared within user profiles removes the need for manual document compliance. Documents shared via file sharing and e-signature are stored in the same location and tied to user profiles.

No Need To Switch Cloud Providers

Get off the ground quickly with rapid deployment. Ahrvo’s file-sharing solution was created enterprise-ready and is fully interoperable with your existing cloud partner. We understand you want to spend your time serving your clients, not integrating compliance solutions.

Access Documents Anywhere With The Cloud

Enterprises are moving file sharing to the cloud to make documents easier to share and access. You no longer need a specific device to share and receive files. More importantly, once files are shared in the cloud, there is no need to worry about the recovery of lost or corrupted files.

Control and Monitor Everything

With Ahrvo Comply’s file sharing solution you are always in control of your documents and access to your documents. Our detailed admin panel allows you to see statistics around uploaded, downloads, and edited files.

need to deploy on-prem?

Kycaml provides an enterprise-ready solution for deploying passwordless authentication behind your firewall.

Consolidate Your Compliance Needs

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