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Suspicious Activity Reporting

Automate Your Compliance Reporting

Ahrvo Comply’s Suspicious Activity Portal enables your team to track, investigate and escalate suspicious transaction activity; in addition to allowing you to create FinCEN Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) in a streamlined fashion. By creating an audit trail for every client from onboarding throughout the clients’ lifecycle, Ahrvo Comply increases the efficiency of your regulatory reporting processes. Ahrvo pre-populates SAR fields with KYC verified background information of users. This enables your team to focus on completing a detailed narrative.

Workflow Automation is Key to Remaining Compliant

Ahrvo Comply’s focus on creating audit trails makes it easy for your team to track documents and transactions directly to your users, which is key for remaining and proving regulatory compliance. The SARs portal is a component of Ahrvo Comply’s broader Transaction Monitor module, which tracks user’s transaction activity in real-time. When suspicious or risky activity is detected, transactions are escalated to your team for review. Making it easy for your team to quickly file reports with FinCEN happens directly from the SARs portal.

Ahrvo Comply is Simple to Understand and Use

Our facial recognition technology can be used on passports, national identification cards, and drivers licenses (U.S. only).

Facial recording of user

To compare a user’s face to the government ID, we initially take a video recording of the user’s face and break that image down into frames. During this recording, we are also testing for liveness and spoofing techniques used by criminals and fraudsters.

Upload of ID Type

The user takes a photo of their document. Once uploaded, our algorithms determine if the document is authentic. Information from the ID will also be utilized for other regulatory and compliance requirements such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO).

Facial Match Score

Ahrvo Comply's advanced facial biometrics solution produces a simple score between 1 and 10 to determine the probability of a face matching and ID.

Ahrvo Comply is The Most Robust Compliance Solution On The Market

Never miss another deadline. Get advanced alerts and reminders on filings.

All In On Place

Customer transactions are tracked in real-time by Ahrvo Comply, making it easier to add additional information and evidence to your suspicious activity reports. Reduce false positives with artificial intelligence-powered anomaly detection.

Information Sharing

Recommendation 16’s “Travel Rule” requires Virtual Asset Service Providers to share information related to users that transact across venues. Ahrvo Comply enables VASPs to share information related to AML/CFT under the 314(b) framework provided by FinCEN.

Reduce Cost and Maximize Resources

Ahrvo Comply can significantly reduce the cost of KYC and other Compliance tasks by deploying a suite of automated and easily integrated Compliance solutions.


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    Find Out Why Companies Love Our Solutions

    We can’t wait to hear from you. Our team is on standby ready to deliver on your compliance and business needs.

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